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Registration of “haymilk” as protected speciality

EU Official Journal on September 30, 2014

Austrian haymilk cooperative “ARGE Heumilch Österreich” filed an application to secure TSG status (“garantueed traditional speciality”) for haymilk and several European language derivatives – heumilch, latte fieno, lait de foin, leche de heno.

TSG status, available under the wider European Union (EU) geographical indications (GI) scheme, recognizes “traditional character, either in the composition or means of production.”

Food names registered under the TSG scheme differ from those with protected designation of origin (PDO) and protected geographical indication (PGI) status in that they have no link to a specific geographical area.

According to the application by Heumilch Österreich “The key difference between standard milk and haymilk, and haymilk’s traditional character, stems from the fact that animals are not fed fermented fodder”.

Heumilch Österreich’s application was published in the EU Official Journal on September 30, 2014.

An opposition period of three months is now open ending on EU level on December 29, 2014. Haymilk could then be granted TSG status, joining food names such as Mozzarella on the register.

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