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7th European Farmhouse Cheese & Dairy Meeting

Congress in Milan, Italy

The annual meeting of FACEnetwork – Farmhouse and Artisan Cheese and dairy producers’ European Network – will be held in Milan the city of EXPO 2015 from the 13th to 16th of October 2015.

ERSAF and ARAL, partner members of FACE Network, have proposed the candidature of Milan in concomitance with EXPO Milano 2015 “Feeding the planet – energy for life”.

FACE deals with various themes: the processing of milk on farms, the quality of products, the exploitation of resources and typical local products, the short food supply chain, the direct relationship between producer and consumer are perfectly in keeping with the theme of EXPO 2015, and are the subject of discussion and cultural and professional growth for all members.


In addition to the days dedicated to social activities, the 7th European Farmhouse and Artisan Cheesemakers Congress will open to a wider audience with an International Conference entitled “The farmhouse cheese manifacturing: technical and socio-economic aspects”, which will take place on Thursday, 15th of October at the “Sala Biagi” in Palazzo Lombardia.

Conference fee

All four days cost 170,00 €
Three days (excl. visit to EXPO) cost 140,00 €

Fees include all activities planned
(please view programme)

Contact for further questions

For further information you are welcome to ask the contact person of the FACE-Network in your country. Interested participants are also welcome at any time there.

Farmhouse and Artisan Cheese & Dairy Producers European Network (FACEnetwork)
42, rue de Châteaudun, 75314 Paris Cedex 09, France, e-mail: info@face-network.eu