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Official presentation of the Guide for Good Hygiene Practices in artisanal cheese production

In Brussels the 22nd of November

The Farmhouse and Artisan Cheese and Dairy Producers European Network (FACEnetwork) organises the official presentation of the European Guide for Good Hygiene Practices in the production of artisanal cheese and dairy products, officially endorsed by the European Commission and the Member States.

Three principales events will take place the 22nd of November:

  • A conference mainly aimed at competent health authorities, producer organisations and consumer associations, where we’ll exchange opinions about the guiding principles and the imminent implementation in the European artisanal dairies of all Member States.
  • A presentation during the Commission of Agriculture and Development Rural of the European Parliament.
  • A cheese tasting with more than 30 varieties of artisan cheeses coming from all over Europe, in the European Parliament building in Brussels.

The registration is compulsory and the deadline is the 6th of November.

At present, only the English version of the Guide is available but the translations in the other 23 official languages of the European Union will be published in a few days in the web site of the European Commission.

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