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Fromagora – French Farmhouse Goat Cheese contest

Registration is open!

On September 13 th and 14 th , 2019, the French Federation of Goat Breeders and Farmhouse Cheese makers (FNEC) and the local federation of farmhouse goat cheesemakers in Hérault (South of France) are organizing Fromagora, the national farmhouse goat cheeses contest, in Baillargues (near Montpellier, France).

Since its first edition in 1977, the national farmhouse goat cheeses contest organized by FNEC has been steadily gaining notoriety.

This new edition will be an opportunity to visit the cheese farm “La chèvre Baillarguoise”, on Friday, September 13 th . A focus will be made on three themes:

  • making farmhouse cheese with raw milk
  • the treatment of effluents by the Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
  • system and the progress of the conversion to organic farming

The visit will be followed by a diner in a manade.

On Saturday, September 14 th , will take place the national farmhouse goat cheeses contest, with the support of Vincent Vergne, cheesemaker and refiner and recently appointed Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF).

The contest will be chaired by Laurence Gueit, goat farmer and farmhouse cheese maker in the Gard department (South of France) and member of FNEC.

With more than 40 categories, this contest is open to any producer of goat cheese, under sign of quality and origin, or not.

This year, European farmhouse and artisan cheese makers are also invited to participate!

Two categories are reserved for them in order to honour the work initiated 10 years ago by FNEC, founding member of FACEnetwork, Farmhouse and Artisan Cheese & Dairy Producers European Network.

  • lactic coagulation
  • enzymatic & mixed coagulation

A jury composed of farmers, cheese suppliers, technicians, consumers, etc. will taste the cheeses in different categories. The registration as a juror is free, and the buffet following the on-site competition is offered.

A conference on the current issue around raw milk cheeses will take place on Saturday afternoon before the announcement of the contest winners.

Find the contest rules and registration forms to register your cheeses for the contest and / or to become a juror of the 2019 edition on www.fromagora.fr!

Fromagora, the only national farmhouse goat cheeses contest

Source: Fédération Nationale des Éleveurs de Chèvres (FNEC)

Farmhouse and Artisan Cheese & Dairy Producers European Network (FACEnetwork)
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