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FACE Newsletter

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FACE Network is a European network of national associations representing farmhouse and artisan cheesemakers. Our story begins in 2006 when French and German farmhouse cheesemakers started a collaboration to share practical common issues. Later in 2013 FACEnetwork association was created with the objective to represent and defend the interests of farmhouse and artisan cheese and dairy producers on a national and European level.

Today our network counts:

  • 19 full members (producer’s associations) from 16 different European countries;
  • about 4000 producers represented;
  • 19 supporting members from 10 countries;
  • 20 individual members.

Since 2009, farmhouse and artisan cheese makers from several European countries have been working together on areas of common concern such as sanitary regulation, preservation of traditional knowledge, the exchange of experiences, difficulties for small scale dairies.



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