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The Council is the instance of the Association that determines its actions and ensures its good functioning in accordance with the guidelines laid down each year by the General Assembly.

It is composed by one representative by country (apart from countries with more than 1000 producers represented, which may have more than one representative), designated by the full members of each country. The representatives in the Council can be cheese/dairy products producers, as well as technicians, according to the choice of the member. The Council may invite “no members” to participate to some of its meetings, in order to bring some useful specific expertise, according to its agenda.

In general the Council exercises all powers of management and administration. It is also in charge with the official representation of the Association in relations with third parties (lobbying actions…). However, the Council delegates to the Board (President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer) the power to make operational decisions, when relevant.

The Council must meet at the specific convening of the President, and in any case at least twice a year.

The Council chooses, for a term of three years, a Council Board. It consists of the FACEnetwork president, three vice presidents and a treasurer. Additionally, there are two secretaries.

  • President: Kerstin Jürss (Sweden)
  • Vice presidents: Frédéric Blanchard (France), Marion Roeleveld (Ireland), Irena Oresnik (Slovenia)
  • Treasurer: Marc Albrecht-Seidel (Germany)
  • Secretaries: Barbara Hart (overall organisation, project coordination);
    Katharina Heigl (member support, website)

Head of the Council

Kerstin Jürss
(President of FACEnetwork)

Working platform


Council Board

Access for Council / Council Board members only