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GGHP – Farmhouse and Artisan Cheese and dairy producer’s European Guide for Good Hygiene Practices

Since its work began in 2010, FACEnetwork has been trying to demonstrate the legitimacy of the practices applied in farmhouse and artisan dairies from a food safety perspective.

FACEnetwork’s work on this topic led to the support of several European Members of Parliament and an agreement by the European Commission to mandate and finance the preparation of a Guide to Good Hygiene Practices (GGHP) for farmhouse and artisan cheese and dairy producers.

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Discover Farmhouse Cheese

Discover Farmhouse Cheese was initially an EU co-financed three country information and promotional campaign in The Netherlands, Ireland and Germany to increase the consumption of farmhouse dairy products / cheese. The campaign ended in July 2016. Now, FACEnetwork is aiming to include all of its European member states.

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