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FACE in itinere

Online inventory of European training courses and exchange program for internships and visits to cheesemakers and retailers

FACE in itinere is the (very Latin!) name of the new programme lead by FACEnetwork thanks to the support of Erasmus+. Its main objective is to provide to current and prospective cheese and dairy makers and retailers a better access to trainings adapted to their needs.

This project focus a specific attention to open opportunities for experiences in real working situation (internship, working visits…) as essential complements to “classical” education.

The project takes place over 16 months
(september 2019 to december 2020) with the following main actions:

  1. a web- based platform is built to exchange offers/requests for internship and visits
  2. an online inventory of training courses will be achieved
  3. as a consequence of the two previous workstreams, an analysis of the specific strengths and weaknesses of the existing training system is made. Where gaps are identified, the information will be used to formulate relevant working plans and future projects for the development of suitable courses


Training Program to implement adapted “food safety management systems” in European Artisan and farmhouse CHEESe and dairy production

The project is aimed at facilitating the use of the Guide to Good Hygiene Practices (GGHP) in all EU countries.

Teacheesy aims to create and provide the necessary training tools and methodologies required by qualified technicians and trainers which will, in turn, be used to instruct farmhouse and artisan cheesemakers across the whole of Europe on a common policy for good hygiene in cheesemaking.

This Guide, specifically dedicated to farmhouse and artisan cheese and dairy producers, was officially approved by the European Commission and the 28 Members States in December 2016 and is a reference for the sector.


EU financed project to write a Guide for Good Hygiene Practices in the production of artisanal cheese and dairy products

Since its work began in 2010, FACEnetwork has been trying to demonstrate the legitimacy of the practices applied in farmhouse and artisan dairies from a food safety perspective.

FACEnetwork’s work on this topic led to the support of several European Members of Parliament and an agreement by the European Commission to mandate and finance the preparation of a Guide to Good Hygiene Practices (GGHP) for farmhouse and artisan cheese and dairy producers.

Discover Farmhouse Cheese

EU co-financed three country information and promotional campaign to increase the consumption of farmhouse dairy products / cheese.

Discover Farmhouse Cheese was initially an EU co-financed three country information and promotional campaign in The Netherlands, Ireland and Germany to increase the consumption of farmhouse dairy products / cheese. The campaign started in 2013 and ended in July 2016.

This campaign is about celebrating dairy produced on the farm, the transparency of the supply chain and the story of farmhouse dairy products. Across the three countries, there were common actions: an online presence, farm visits, October Month of Cheese, in-store tastings, and a PR campaign. Please visit the Irish, Dutch and German sites for a flavour of their activity and unique products.