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Farmhouse and Artisan Cheese and Dairy Producers European Network

What began in 2006 as an exchange of practical information among German and French farmhouse cheesemakers continues to develop further into a European farmhousecheese network. During the International Goat Convention in France in September 2009 all of the representatives from France, Italy, Germany and Canada agreed that the cooperation should be expanded further.

Since then, farmhouse and artisan cheese makers from several European countries have been working together on areas of common concern such as sanitary regulation, preservation of traditional knowledge, the exchange of experiences, difficulties for small scale dairies and the need for flexibility in the application of regulation. Consequently, FACEnetwork association was created in 2013 with the objective to represent and defend the interests of farmhouse and artisan cheese and dairy producers on a national and European level.

So far, our organisation has gained the support of farmhouse and artisan cheese and dairy producers, technical and research centres, farmers associations, laboratories, veterinaries and sanitary authorities from 20 countries within Europe.

Our Structure

The General Assembly enjoys full powers to implement the aims and is composed by all the members of FACEnetwork.

The Council is the instance of the Association that determines its actions and ensures its good functioning in accordance with the guidelines laid down each year by the General Assembly.

The Council chooses, for a term of three years, a Council Board. It consists of the FACEnetwork president, three vice presidents and a treasurer. Additionally, there are two secretaries.

Within our four work groups, Lobbying, Hygiene, Technology, and Marketing exchanges of experience and leading of common projects are realized.

How to apply for a membership?

Below you find an application form, which we would like you to fill in and return to us via email

Please decide, which membership category corresponds with you or your association and shortly explain your decision.

After acknowledgement by our Council, you will receive access to our web page with all recent news and relevant information as well as a monthly newsletter.

For any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us!