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[Lobbying] NutriScore

Why we are asking for a derogation for farmhouse and artisan cheeses?

In the framework of the Farm to Fork strategy, the European Commission will make the Front of Pack Nutrition labelling mandatory. Now, they are working on what system to choose for a unique type of labelling in whole Europe. The options are the following:

It seems that the NutriScore (right column), is the preferred option in this moment.
FACE did contribute with position papers to all the different consultation rounds:

23 Dec. 2020 – 04 Feb. 2021 > 1st consultation by EU Commission
15 Nov. 2021 – 09 Jan. 2022 > consultation by EFSA
13 Dec. 2021 – 07 March 2022 > 2nd consultation by EU Commission

Upcoming step: Commission final decision is planned for 4th quarter 2022

The latest position paper of FACEnetwork, made with Ton Baars, and sent to EFSA and the Commission in January/February is now published on FACE’s website (page Publications > position papers):

In this paper, we explain:

  • It is important to inform the consumers about the nutrient profiles of ultra-processed foods, but it is not relevant for our (non processed) products
  • Scientific studies show the importance of the matrix « raw milk », which impacts positively the effects of full fats
  • The current FIC regulation provides a derogation for our types of products, as local food sent in small quantities
    (REGULATION (EU) No 1169/2011 Annex V No 19)

In conclusion: We claim for a derogation from “front of pack nutrition labelling” (NutriScore)  –  3 May 2022