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FOLLOW AND USE “#FACEnetwork” and “#europeancheesemakers”!

Let’s create together a place where to meet among European cheesemakers… on
Social Networks!

Farmhouse and artisan cheesemakers of whole Europe are a big family, often with a
common way of living and at the same time with special and precious differences that make everyone (and every cheese) unique.

We think it would be great to build together a virtual place collecting news, thoughts and experiences from our community of European cheesemakers.

We will learn about our European colleagues and friends daily, directly from our

How to do it?

Follow and use #FACEnetwork and #europeancheesemakers on Instagram and Facebook!

It’s simple and it takes a couple of seconds:
  1. Open your Instagram profil;
  2. Search #FACEnetwork and #europeancheesemakers and click follow;
  3. When you post something about your cheese or cheesemaking on your
    Instagram or Facebook remember to add #FACEnetwork and #europeancheesemakers.

That’s all! On your social network feeds you will find what’s new from European cheesemakers like you!

www.face-network.eu  –  1 May 2022