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[News from the members] Sweden

Congratulations to Jürss Mejeri

Sörmlands Ädel is the second cheese in Sweden with “Protected Geographical Indication”.

It is a blue cheese made by Jûrss Mejeri out of organic whole pasteurized cow milk.
The breeds are Swedish red and white cattle and Swedish lowland cattle. Sörmland’s Ädel is a creamy blue cheese and has a milder taste than many other aged blue cheeses. It´s a cheese the cheese lovers in Sweden really has cravings for. Many restaurants also love to serve it on the cheese plater.

The cheese is exported to Denmark, Great Britain and Germany, among others. The cheese has had a great impact and won several medals in the World Cheese Award and gold in the Swedish Championships in food crafts.

Kerstin and Claes Jürss together with the Swedish minister of Agriculture

In March 2023, the cheese also got the quality label by the EU, the “Protected Geographical Indication”.

Sörmland’s Matkluster, Economic Association has applied for a protected geographical indication (SGB) for Sörmland’s Ädel with the EU. On March 15, 2023, the European Commission published its decision on the registration of a protected geographical indication (PGI) for Sörmland’s Ädel.


Information about EU quality schemes  –  11 May 2023