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[News from the members] Norway

Cheese Symposium 11.-13.march 2024

Cheese Symposium or Ostesymposium is a professional seminar where artisan and farm cheese producers, as well as other interested parties in Norway, gather for professional training and sharing of knowledge.

The cheese symposium is organized by Norsk Gardsost every second year, and includes lectures, cheese making courses, panel debates and the famous cheese buffèt.

The program is diverse and filled with knowledgeable people.

  • Helge Gudheim, the author of the cheese bible of Norway, “Ysting in Valdres” will talk about the traditional skimmed milk cheeses and their history,
  • and our cheese guru Pascale Baudonnel will elaborate on the ripening of cheese. Camilla Ødegård, an advisor on cheese, will help producers to reach their market. Her background with many years from innovation in the dairy industry, she will support the artisan and farm producers in how to reach out to the consumers.

This year we also get visits from both Germany and France.

  • The French cheese technologist Patrick Anglade will lead a practical course in making washed-rind cheese at the urban cheesery Stavanger ysteri. Both wholesalers and customers have a demand for this kind of cheese in the Norwegian market.
  • Insa Petersen is a cheese maker, dairy engineer and the founder of the leading dairy supplier in Germany, “IP Ingredients”. She will hold a course on the world of cultures: their differences, what they do, which ones to choose for your product and more importantly; how we can influence what they do.

Check out more at Ostesymposium.no .

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