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Farmhouses Cheeses Open Day

2. Edition on 14th and 15th September 2019

Appreciating cheeses means appreciating the rural landscape, the history of a place, as well as that of ourselves.

87 dairy farms located in 19 Italian regions are taking part to the event “Farmhouses Cheeses Open Day”, that on the 14th and 15th September 2019 will reach its second edition. In these days, consumers and tourists can visit dairies, stables, pastures, ripening areas. The initiative is promoted by Associazione Casari e Casare di Azienda Agricola, that brings together cheesemakers whose products are made by the milk of their animals.

The main objective of the Open Day is to promote local culinary delicacies, rural tourism and a sustainable dairy production whose outputs are healthy, natural and respectful of environment, animals, and consumers.

During the event people can enjoy tastings, guided visits, workshops. It is an educational event for everybody that aims at discovering the culture, the traditions and the territory through its products.

It represents a national as well as a local tourism offer; dairy products are both tangible and intangible heritage formed by traditions, skills, crafts. The event can be an attraction for tourists and consumers, for those who already know the product and for those who don’t.

So, this is a step forward a “cheese tourism” and a way to promote unknown destinations that are wonderful for their environment and artistic attractions.

The Open Day is also a relaunch of the primary sector through the tertiary one: in a period in which there are a lot of challenges urged by the economic context, the collaboration with partners (and not competitors) can make the difference.

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