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“FACE in itinere” has started

New Erasmus+ Project

FACE in itinere is the (very Latin!) name of this new programme set up by FACEnetwork since september 2019.

Its main objective is to provide to current and prospective cheese and dairy makers and retailers a better access to trainings adapted to their needs. This project will put a specific attention to open opportunities for experiences in real working situation (internships, co-working periods…) as essential complements to “classical” education.

The project will take place over 16 months with the following main actions:

  1. A web-based platform will be built to exchange offers/requests for internships, co-working and visits
  2. An online inventory of training courses will be achieved
  3. As a consequence of the two previous workstreams, an analysis of the specific strengths and weaknesses of the existing training system will be made. Where gaps are identified, the information will be used to formulate relevant working plans and future projects for the development of suitable courses.

As all the countries of FACE will be involved, the project will provide a precise overview of the training offer in 16 different countries. It will constitute a step that will prepare a more ambitious project to be set up in the following years about adapted trainings in our sector.

In this goal, FACEnetwork will try to share its achievements also with other organisations specialized in the sector of education (vocational schools, universities…), during public information meetings planned at the end of the programme (end 2020).

Moreover, the web-based platform of exchanges which will be developed during the project will stay as a concrete tool for the long term: it will be available online and will make it easier for trainees or professionals to find internships and co-working all over Europe, in order to complete their education through practical experience.

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