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Caramelized fried goat cheese and blackcurrant mousse

from Finland


Slice the cheese to 1 cm thick slices.

Heat the oven till 180°C.

Put the brown sugar and almond groats at the bottom of the casserole and, set the cheese slices on top. Fry about 6 min.

Take the casserole from the oven and prepare the berry mousse. Whisk the cream. Blend the quark and sieved blackcurrants. Add sugar as much as is tasty for you.

Tip: You can try different types of berries to the dessert for instance according to season!

Compile the portion by lifting the fried cheese on the plate first (1-2 slices per portion), then sprinkle brown sugar and almond groats on the top. Spread berry mousse next to it. You can decorate the portion with lemon balm leaves or else.

Tip: The dessert is at its best as individual portions, but can be served from buffet too. In the latter case put the fried cheese slices almond groats/brown sugar side upwards on a platter and the mousse in a seperate serving bowl.

You will need

180 g brown sugar
120 g almond groats
600 g fried goat cheese
2 dl whipping cream
1 dl quarg
1 dl sieved blackcurrant
½- 1 dl icing sugar"