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[News from FACE] Video Contest

All about Raw Milk

Not only the annual conference but also the video contest will turn all around raw milk and raw milk cheese.

Are you a passionate farmhouse or artisanal cheese maker?
Do you transform raw milk?
Then we invite you to participate the this year contest, to show in a short video what is special about raw milk and raw milk cheese.

Through images and other means such as spoken commentary, subtitles, music… you should present:

  • How is transforming raw milk expression of your culture and territory?
  • What makes your raw milk cheese special or different?
  • How is your raw milk cheese an expression of biodiversity?
  • What does being a raw milk cheesemaker mean for you?
  • How your production / transformation are sustainable?
  • How does your heritage shows up in your cheese?

Futher information and partication >>  –  2 May 2023