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FACEnetwork Video Contest 2021

Your vision of farmhouse and artisanal cheesemaking

Are you making farmhouse or artisanal cheese?
Are you a passionate dairy producer?
Then we invite you to enter our video contest 2021!

Tell us about your vision and expectations, your achievements and/or failures. Why have you made the decision to process milk from your farm? What does artisanal cheesemaking mean to you and your community?

For the fifth time, FACE Network launches this video contest. Our aim is to highlight the current reality and diversity of the traditional dairy sector of Europe, through the eyes of people who are in the sector.
The contest is open to any cheese and dairy producer/worker aged 18 years or older. The competition is also open to future cheese and dairy producers, who are in training or internship period in a farmhouse or artisanal dairy.

What to show in your video?

Through images and other means such as spoken commentary, subtitles, music, etc. you should present:

  • the farmhouse/artisanal dairy where you are working;
  • your personal perception of life as a professional dairy producer;
  • your view of the role of the tradition in cheese and dairy production today.

Spoken commentary and subtitles can be provided in the official language of your own European country. Neither English nor any other language is mandatory.

Don’t forget to tell us a little about your location (city, country...), and geographical context (mountain area, rural or urban area...) as well as providing some information on the history of the business (Is it a family enterprise? Long-established or a new business?) and anything else that you consider important.

The videos submitted must:

  • be your own original work
  • not infringe the rights of others
  • be respectful of the participants and potential audience, showing cultural sensitivity and avoiding indecent, shocking or disturbing images (e.g. not harming individuals or animals).

Each video must last a maximum of 5 minutes.
Only one video may be accepted per person.


An international jury of experienced cheesemakers and technicians will judge the capacity to clearly deliver a relevant message about the reality and specificity of a farmhouse/artisanal dairy, for a wide audience. Originality, overall impact and artistic merit will also be taken into account. The means chosen to present the video are not criteria which will be evaluated –for example, the use or not of commentary, subtitles, music, or laguage used, etc.

  • The three awards-winning videos will be published on FACEnetwork website and on FACEnetwork's youtube channel
1. Prize:
  • A package of international artisan an farmhouse cheese made by dairies member of FACEnetwork.
2. and 3. Prizes:
  • The two finalists will receive a book about European traditional cheese.


Please find all relevant information on application and prerequisites for attending in the following document:

FACE Video Contest Rules

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