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FACE in itinere

Second newsletter

Improving the access of farmhouse and artisanal cheese and dairy producers and sellers to training programmes adapted to their specific needs, using networking and mobility around Europe.

FACEnetwork created the FACE in itinere project to make it easier for future cheesemakers or sellers to gain experience in Europe. At the same time FACE in itinere offers current producers and sellers a platform to promote professional exchange.

With the support of Erasmus+ offers from now on:

  • internship places in small scale dairies and shops in more than 14 different European Countries.
  • information on courses dedicated to small scale and traditional cheese and dairy production all over Europe.
  • internship places can be searched by country, language, products, milk type, experience and various other criteria.
  • a platform where you are welcome to offer visits, internships or courses.

2. Newsletter FACE in itinere:


ir*(file-pdf) English Version
ir*(file-pdf) French Version
ir*(file-pdf) Dutch Version
ir*(file-pdf) Greek Version
ir*(file-pdf) German Version
ir*(file-pdf) Croatian Version
ir*(file-pdf) Spanish Version
ir*(file-pdf) Norwegian Version
ir*(file-pdf) Swedish Version
ir*(file-pdf) Italian Version
ir*(file-pdf) Polish Version
ir*(file-pdf) Bulgarian Version


Did we raise your interest?

  • Would like to have more information and exchange about this new tool?

We invite all farmhouse and artisan producers, sellers, trainers, technical advisors to our Info-Days, to inform about the platform and exchange about the training system in the sector of small scale dairies in Europe:

Invitation to online meetings

3 sessions in English

  • Thursday: 10 December at 11h00 (CET)
  • Monday: 14 December at 14h00
  • Thursday: 17 December at 14h00

Other sessions in

  • German: Tuesday 15 December at 14h00
  • Italian: Tuesday 15 December at 21h00
  • Bulgarian: Thursday 17 December at 10h00 (EET)
  • French: Wednesday 13 January at 14h00
  • Spanish: Friday 15 January at 19h00
  • French: Tuesday 19 January at 14h00
  • Swedish: Tuesday 19 January at 14h00
  • Polish: Friday 22 January at 14h00
  • Croatian: Tuesday 26 January at 12h00
  • Dutch: Thursday 28 January at 14h00
  • Polish: Friday 29 January at 14h00

You can express your interest by filling out the registration form.

Info meetings:

ir*(file-pdf) English Invitation
ir*(file-pdf) French Invitation
ir*(file-pdf) Italian Invitation
ir*(file-pdf) Dutch Invitation
ir*(file-pdf) German Invitation
ir*(file-pdf) Greek Invitation
ir*(file-pdf) Swedish Invitation
ir*(file-pdf) Bulgarian Invitation
ir*(file-pdf) Polish Invitation
ir*(file-pdf) Norwegian Invitation
]i  –  17 November 2020